7 Ways to Fight the Funk

7 Ways to Fight the Funk

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks have been emotionally challenging for me.  I think we all have the inner voice in our head that says something like, “you are pathetic; you don’t deserve it; or you don’t know what you are doing.” ETC.

You can allow this inner voice to make or break you.

It is very emotionally compelling to listen to and believe the inner critic telling you not to pursue your dreams, telling you that you are going to fail, or telling you it is not worth trying.

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Don’t let this voice seduce you!  The voice is incorrect. This is not reality.  This is a funk. This is old patterning and programming from the past.

As Scott and I aspire to build and grow Liquiterra, I find that I have to confront this inner voice of failure, unworthiness and self-doubt frequently.

And here is what I am learning about it...I have the opportunity to choose and decide what I am aspiring to be and what I really want out of life.  

Some days (more than I’d care to admit), I wake up in the morning with paralyzing fear and work about my financial situation.  I have to say out loud, “I choose abundance,” and then consciously change my focus and mind from one of worry to one of abundance.

Other days, I wake up feeling like I don’t deserve to be an artist and make money.  Again, I have to say out loud, “I choose to be deserving” and take actions of deservability.

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And some days, I wake up low energy and depressed.  On these days, I say “I choose joy and inspiration” and then do something joyful or inspiring.

The point is, I am the decider.  I am no longer a victim to the the negative self talk in my head.  I decide what reality I am going to live. I decide how I am going to feel.  I decide whether I am going to succeed or fail.

Here are 7 ways that I take action to out of my funk:

  • Take a walk or do something physically active.  Moving moves your energy.
  • Listen to an inspiring book.  I am currently enjoying “You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.
  • Visualize.  Visualizing what you want changes your energy, especially if you attempt to feel the emotions of what you are creating.
  • Do right brain drawing.  This takes you from the talkative chatter in your head to a place of creativity.
  • Clean your space.  Sometimes you are in a dark place and cleaning just makes you feel better.  I cleaned my clutter and piles last week as I processed my emotions.
  • Journal or write morning pages.  I have found that sometimes you have to stop and listen to this inner voice of negativity.  Give your emotions time to talk to you and tell you all about what they are feeling (denial of what your feeling can wreak more havoc). The morning pages are great for this.  The purpose is to feel what you are feeling and then choose a happier or more positive place for yourself.
  • Put on uplifting music.  Music can move us. Music can dictate our mood or sustain our mood.  Choose inspiring music!

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