How Scott Moore Stays Inspired

How Scott Moore Stays Inspired

I had difficulty focussing on writing this "stay inspired" article today.  I was very distracted by New York Times notifications and other news stories about the events at the Capitol yesterday.  We live in extraordinary times.  And although, it may not seem like a high priority, Scott and I believe that staying inspired is a fundamental human need.  Our ability to create with our specialized hand brain connection is what gives humans their evolutionary advantage (Thumbs, Toes and Tears). In addition, creativity, in what ever form it takes, is a human superpower.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
― Pablo Picasso


It's January...we have finally come out on the other side of the busy-ness of the holidays and have a little quiet time to rejuvenate and create for the sake of creating.  The nights are longer, which give us a little extra time to sit at the kitchen table with the cat (Hobbs) and work on something inspiring.

Hobbs, artist assistant at LiquiterraPurple maze by Scott Moore, Acrylic ink on canvas paper

Left: Hobbs, Liquiterra's Artist Assistant. Right: Scott Moore, "Purple Maze", 2020, Acrylic ink on canvas paper

One of Scott’s go to art forms is maze making.  As a kid, Scott came up with a series of rules on how to make and structure successful and challenging mazes.  I have noticed that this is a meditative process of Scott; it puts him in a relaxed and creative state of mind.

detail view, 2020 maze, by Scott MooreScott Moore, Spring, maze acrylic ink on canvas paper, 2020

Scott Moore, 2020 Series Maze, Acrylic ink on canvas paper.

One thing that I find totally a-maze-ing is that the detail, imagery, and complexity so easily comes from his imagination.  In contrast, I struggle with drawing or painting from my imagination.  I have to look at an object or a picture to draw or paint detail.

These intricate details are what make his 2021 series of mazes so enchanting:

Scott Moore, 2021 Series Maze, Ink on Paper

Scott Moore, "Alien Desert", 2021 Maze series, ink on paper.

In "Alien Desert"one finds, a plethora of alien antics among familiar Arizona desert flora.  Scott designs the mazes so that one can move through all the different sections of the maze in order to get intimate with the detail and variety.

Scott, Machinations, Maze Series 2021, ink on paper

Scott Moore, "Machinations", 2021 Maze Series, ink on paper.

In"Machinations", Scott makes one look more closely, by engaging people perfoming extraordinary tasks.  I am particularly drawn to the role food plays in "Machinations."

Scott Moore, "Space Debris", 2021 mazes, ink on paper

Scott Moore, "Space Debris", 2021 Maze Series, ink on paper.

Scott breaks out of his more familiar horizontal and vertical structure in "Space Debris".  He uses diagonal lines and rounded forms to create dynamic movement and move the maze follower through the maze.

Scott Moore, "Juniper World," 2021 Maze, ink on paper

Scott Moore, "Juniper's Realm," 2021 Maze Series, ink on paper.

"Juniper's Realm" is one of my favorites.  In this maze, Scott uses the form of a dead Juniper tree to establish the major structure of the maze.  Then he uses desert plants, animals, and whimsical creatures to take the viewer on the maze journey.

In 2019, Scott and I realized how important it was for us to stay inspired.  We also believe it is important for other people to stay inspired too.  Especially in this time when we are in the midst of the raging pandemic, watching our democratic institutions challenged, and struggling to get by each day, there is still a human need for inspiration.  And although, it may appear superfluous amongst the human fight for survival, it is our inspiration and creativity that make us human and drives us to make a better world.  If possible, I hope you have the ability, time and safe space to stay inspired.

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