How to Get Inspired & Stay Inspired, Part II

How to Get Inspired & Stay Inspired, Part II

In Part I, of How to Get Inspired & Stay Inspired, I wrote about what inspiration is, the history of inspiration, and how to get into a state of inspiration.  I also shared a right-brain drawing technique that helps you shift your mind out of the analytical chatter in your head, to a space of holistic connection.  In my experience as an artist, in order to move into a state of inspiration, I have to find a way to clear out the mental and emotional clutter, to create a state of mental readiness and clarity-- a mental state that is receptive for inspiration to move in and flow.

This week, Scott Moore, co-founder of Liquiterra, is going to share a strategy that he uses to make room for inspiration.  Scott writes, “You don’t actually create inspiration.  Inspiration happens to you without notice!  So what can you do, if anything, to influence this process?  I believe that you can attract inspiration into your life by creating a mental environment which is ripe and ready for inspiration to strike.”

Clear Your Space!  One of the ways Scott prepares the way for inspiration is that he cleans and clears his work space.  It is difficult to work and get in the flow, when your desk or studio is clogged up with previous projects and clutter.  Trust me, I am no neat freak. I have a lot of piles and clutter in my house and in my studio, so no judgement from me. We recommend clearing your space as a meditative and symbolic activity for making room for inspiration.  Similar to the right brain drawing activity, I shared last week, this activity clears out clutter and creates the space to allow inspiration to flow.

Tips for clearing your space:

  1. Put away previous projects, tools, supplies and utensils from previous projects.  
  2. Organize and clear your papers and piles.  If you are short on time, relocate your pile, sometimes just moving it to a new location changes the energy of it.  If you have time, conduct the 3 container method.  Sort your piles into three categories: (1) to be filed; (2) take care of immediately; (3) throw away
  3. Clean the surfaces: sweep the floor, wash the desk’s surface, dust away the grime.  This just feels good and makes you want to sit down and work.

Clearing your space activates some key environmental factors that support a state of inspiration:   

  • It creates a vacuum, allowing for new ideas and connections to move in.
  • It creates the receptive and open capacity for inspiration to flow.
  • It makes for a desirable work environment, helping you to feel good about your work.

In summary, inspiration, by one definition, is a force of movement, “the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions”. Inspiration thrives on flow and movement.  To stay inspired, you must be in a state of receptivity.  Removing mental, emotional and physical clutter is conducive to the clarity and receptivity needed to let inspiration move in.

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