How to Have Enough Energy to Stay Inspired

How to Have Enough Energy to Stay Inspired

Have you ever worked on a creative project, whereas when you stopped you felt mentally tired or had brain fog? Depending on the size of the project it might take you weeks or months to feel inspired again.

Why does this happen?

Staying in a state of inspiration takes a lot of energy, as it’s a higher vibrational state.  To call upon inspiration frequently can be mentally or physically tiring.

I studied hands-on energy healing for over 10 years with Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Center Church and author of Wheels of Light.  From my experience with studying energy healing and being an artist, connecting with the flow of inspiration happens in the 6th chakra of the body, also called the 3rd eye.  It takes a lot of physical energy (1st chakra energy) to power the 6th chakra allowing us to perceive higher states of creativity, including inspiration.

In her book Wheels of Light, Rosalyn Bruyere writes, “it is the kundalini [1st chakra energy] that carries us from the three-dimensional world into the next dimension. Once we enter the spiritual world, the kundalini manifests first as sound (fifth chakra) and then as light (sixth chakra). If there is little kundalini, there is little imagery, little visualization, lack of creativity and inspiration, and no sense of the future.”

I’d like to be high energy and inspired all of the time, but this isn’t realistic.  As we both exhale and inhale, balance is an important part of life. There must be a balance between the outflow of energy (all the work we do) and the inflow of energy (eating healthy food, sleep, exercise, self-care and rest).  In the hectic-ness of life, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that we must always be productive. I have found, however, to really work consistently in an inspired state exercise, sleep, healthy eating habits, and self-care are a necessity to maintain the energy needed to stay inspired.

Ideally the energy system of the body would be built like a pyramid (see graphic), with the physical body being the largest, foundational layer. The sixth chakra or 3rd eye would be at the layer just below the capstone of the pyramid.  What this metaphor expresses is that it takes a lot of physical energy and vitality to power the 3rd eye to access and generate the stream of creativity and inspiration. That we need to focus our time building our health, energy and vitality to work at at higher vibrational states.

energy body pyramid

Reprinted from: Tubali, Shai. “How to Open All 7 Chakras to Experience Life in Its Totality.” Elephant Journal, Elephant Journal, 27 May 2017,

Most of us would agree that healthy eating habits and sleep are essential to feeling good.  However, it is also very important to exercise to live a life of creativity and inspiration.  

To gather all the energy necessary to be creative and inspired consistently takes a commitment to exercise.  We gather life force energy from the earth’s energy body, which travels up into our energy system through the legs. Walking or running literally “runs” the energy system of the body, inducing the movement needed for the flow of energy through the chakra system.  

In addition, energy in the body flows throughout your system on muscle.  So if you want greater reserves of energy and vitality, build your muscle mass, especially in the legs.

It takes a lot of energy and physical vitality to sustain a state of inspiration.  Give yourself loving self-care, plenty of exercise and adequate sleep access the higher states of creativity and inspiration.


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