It's All About the Love

It's All About the Love

For the past 9 months, Scot and I have done our art work in our respective apartments, in carports, at Pine Forest School, at The Nest Co-Work Space, and in Scott’s family’s barn in Sedona.  We have been dreaming of a time when we could have an art studio of our own to call home.

This may be such a time.

A studio space has come into our lives, which we hope to move into in the next few weeks.  Having an art studio will of course make it so much easier for us to make art.  No more hauling our supplies, tools, and ginormous wood panels from place to place.

lIquiterra painting studio Flagstaff, Arizona

But having a Liquiterra means so much more to us....

One of my great joys is in teaching art.  The actual teaching is fun for me. The part I love is seeing people connect with their inner creativity and express their own vision.  With a studio, I could host my own classes without limitations.

Both Scott and I love the energy of participating in the Flagstaff Art Walk.  The May Art Walk at the Rendezvous was like a big party. We had a blast seeing all of our friends and family, having conversations and being a part of the vibrant Flagstaff art scene.

liquitech office flagstaff, arizona

Scott wrote in his journal yesterday, “This is one of those times again. It’s a growing time, digging deep, learning, clarifying.

“Define the goal of now. Have a clear mission:

  1. Become a financially wealthy person.
  2. Be an artist.
  3. Be inspired.
  4. Love everyday.
  5. Wake up excited.
  6. Have peace in my heart.
  7. Let all that I am, all that I do, all that I emanate be an expression of love.”

labterra woodworking studio Flagstaff, Arizona

What do we dream about with a Liquiterra studio space?

  • We dream about inspiring others through shows, classes and events.
  • We dream about hosting other artists.
  • We dream about making a fun, creative and inspiring open studio that people can walk into and become part of the magic.
  • We dream about being artists, emanating love in all that we do.


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This was a perfect way to feel inspired today – best of luck with your new studio!

holly troy

holly troy

yes! May your dreams come true! The world needs more art and now is the time.


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