We've Missed You!

We've Missed You!

By Sydney Francis, MFA-IA

I haven't written the Stay Inspired blog in over a year.  We have missed you.  Not the blog, YOU, the reader.

I stopped writing the blog because last summer we lost our vision of where we were going with Liquiterra.com.  This happened in part because we were disappointed with the quality of "print on demand" products we were offering at Liquiterra. But, at the time, we didn't have the equipment or systems to produce multiples of art pieces at our studio. 

Here's a quick timeline of what we have been doing in the past year:

  • July 2019-- we opened Liquiterra Studio in downtown Flagstaff.  
  • August 2019-- we had our Grand Opening at the August Art Walk.  We also did a large retail installation in Run Sedona
  • September 2019-- we bought our Laser Cutter
  • October 2019-- painted the Run Sedona mural

one panel of the Run Sedona mural

  • November 2019-- designed Illuminotes and started selling them locally
  • December 2019-- sold our art at local art markets

Illuminotes our fall collection hand made at Liquiterra studio

  • January 2020-- took on some custom projects
  • February 2020-- decided to pursue licensing of our products
  • March 2020-- paused our work because of the pandemic
  • April 2020-- organized a large team to cut masks and gowns for our hospital (FMC) and Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps (NAVMC)

core volunteer team for surgical mask cutting and PPE at Liquiterra

  • May 2020-- continued gowns and masks.  We cut 20,000 masks out of surgical wrap.
  • June 2020--put our work into the Artist Gallery of Flagstaff
  • July 2020-- went to retreat in the mountains with the kids
  • August 2020-- started cutting gowns again for NAVMC
  • September 2020-- pivoted Liquiterra.com to offer our hand-made art products; designed, producted and assembled at Liquiterra Studio.

new product line reproducible fine art with handmade paper and laser cut wood

  • October 2020-- re-open Liquiterra.com with a whole new vision and relocated our studio operations to Sedona, AZ.

We have learned a lot in this last year. 

Scott has a background of doing large custom projects and crafting fine wood work, as well as having a long time history as an artist.  In 2019, it made sense for us to take on these large design and installation projects.  In contrast, my background is in art and spirituality.  I have been an art teacher for 20 years.

Liquiterra represents our synergy and our mastermind.  In January 2020, we made the decision to stop doing large projects and focus on duplicatable designs.  Over the course of this year, we learned in designing numerous products together, that our synergy and shared enthusiasm is brought to its highest expression through art.

During the summer, we shifted our focus from designing products to aligning our strengths to focus on designing art reproducible art pieces and making original art (available locally in Flagstaff, AZ).

new ornament design for the holidays 2020

This renewed vision that we are endeavoring to share at Liquiterra.com includes creating duplicatable art pieces that are unique; crafted with love, care and quality; and that are fun, innovative and delightful.

Thank you very much for your continued support.  Please check out our new product line by clicking here.

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