Liquiterra = Inspiration + Design + Craftmanship

Liquiterra = Inspiration + Design + Craftmanship

I recently realized a meaningful, but simple, framework for our artistic process at Liquiterra.  It includes three distinct phases:

  1. Gather Artistic Inspiration
  2. Develop Clever Design
  3. Execute Quality Craftsmanship

Scott and I, first, court inspiration through creative play, ideation, and art making.  Some of the most fun we have at Liquiterra are during "art days" where we just play with ideas and make art for our own amusement.  The idea for Illuminotes came from one of these "art for fun" days.

Initial drawing in negative space for Cottonwood Illuminotes by Sydney Francis

After we get the initial inspiration, we work together on the design.  I often do the drawings for a particular design, such as the negative space imagery on for the cut-outs of Illuminotes.  Then Scott uploads the drawings in Illustrator develops the design files for the laser-cutter. 

As part of the design process, we make a lot of prototypes. Problem solving is a big part of design.  We made at least 9 prototypes for the initial batch of Illuminotes.  And then we have made a few more improvements to the design over last year.  Illuminotes includes three specific cut files for our laser cutter: one for the wood cut out on the frontpiece; one for the hand-made paper; and one for the 300 Lb. watercolor paper that comprises the fold up card.

Scott Moore working on digital design for art gifts

The final step in making an art piece at Liquiterra includes the production and assembly in which we aspire to meticulous craftsmanship. Scott and I both place a hight value on quality materials.  To make our Illuminotes we use baltic birch (a solid wood plywood), the finest handmade papers, and professional grade 300 Lb. watercolor paper.

After cutting the various materials on the laser cutter, we carefully assemble the fine art materials into the final art piece.  Because we use handmade paper in our Illuminotes, each final piece is unique.  I love working with the variety of the handmade papers.  I spend a lot of time playing with the different combinations of papers and compositions to come up with an enchanting final product.

variety of designs of Illuminotes, handmade paper

As I write and reflect on this blog post regarding our artistic process at Liquiterra, I recognize that Artistic Inspiration, Clever Design, and Quality Craftsmanship comprise some of our core values.  Scott and I really care about these attributes. Being free to invest ourselves in Inspiration, Design and Craftsmanship makes our work at Liquiterra fun and fulfilling.  

The magic of Illuminotes, fine art greeting cards that fold into an LED keepsake

Some people tell us we cannot compete with China and factory-made goods.  However, we believe we can compete by delivering high value gifts made with our Artistic Inspiration, Clever Design, and Quality Craftsmanship. 


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