Liquiterra's Game Changing Innovation

Liquiterra's Game Changing Innovation

by Sydney Francis

We purchased our laser cutter for Liquiterra a year ago.  Scott got it because he could imagine infinite possibilities of what could be made and cut on the laser.  Although, he is an artist and inventor, Scott has also done woodworking for over 15 years.

Last fall, Scott designed a variety of functional items on the laser cutter.  We also played with some art ideas and designed Illuminotes.

Illuminotes, fine art greeting card that folds into an enchanting LED light keepsake

Cottonwood Illuminote, a fine art greeting card that folds into an enchanting LED light keepsake.

This year, we worked with the laser, like working with a new media.  For example, if you are a watercolor painter, it takes some time to learn oil painting, because it handles so differently.  Similarly with the laser, the fundamentals of art and design are the same, but working with the laser requires a learning curve in learning the new technology and in learning a new way to work with media.

stackable click box and organizer by Liquiterra
Stackable click boxes, March 2020
We worked on a variety of projects this year using the laser, including making a 3-D sign for a local art organization.  We innovated some functional items, like click boxes.  And we cut surgical wrap to make masks in for the hospital in the Spring, when masks were unavailable. Through these various projects we have learned to use the laser cutter more effectively.

Holiday decor, Christmas scene by Liquiterra

We have had one breakthrough, however, that I feel has been a game changer for us at Liquiterra.  We realized we could design a variety of art and innovative products using thin layers of wood (or other materials).







Our first experiments with this idea happened through the creation of Illuminotes, which utilizes a layer of wood, a layer of handmade paper, a layer of 300 Lb Watercolor paper. But I don't think we fully understood the ramifications of this new direction a year ago.

Scott working on the prototype of the pencil box

Scott painting the first pencil box prototype

One of our next experiments with this was a simple box and then a pencil box using painted and glued layers of wood to give it strength, but also clever design.

Later in the summer, we started to consider how to bring these layers into more sculptural dimensions.  We made the Mini Flagstaff Scenes and a holiday scene, among other experiments.  Then we started to dream of connecting wood layers to make a round object, such as our 3-D holiday ornaments.

3-D ornaments using thin layers of laser cut wood

Our first set of 3-D ornament cut outs.

I am excited, because the possibilties are endless and we are just beginning to conceive of how to creatively use layers of wood, paper, paint, and LED lights to create enchanting gifts and art pieces, as well as other products.  

Sedona desert scene, new design, layers of laser cut wood, Liquiterra

Sedona desert view, new design using layers of painted wood and engraving.

It is an thrilling time for us at Liquiterra as we explore new possibilities with our art.


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Martine Stonebraker

Martine Stonebraker

WOW you guys are doing such cutting edge work:) Pun intended. Thank you for sharing your vision and talents with the world. Such a gift!







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