Liquiterra's Licensing Success with Illuminotes

Liquiterra's Licensing Success with Illuminotes

We did it!

One of the goals Scott and I set out to accomplish in 2020 was to become product developers and license our products to other companies.  Licensing is the process by which a product developer or designer invents a product and then leases the rights of the intellectual property to a company that produces and sells the product.  In other words, the product developers receive a royalty from the sales of their licensed designs.

Liquiterra, the orignal 3 illuminote desings from November 2019

Liquiterra's original set of Illuminote designs, innovated in November 2019

We actually made big progress with this in January 2020, when we pitched our Illuminotes design to several greeting card companies.  HeartSpace Cards was interested in our design because it fit nicely with their product line of bamboo greeting cards.

We met with the owners of HeartSpace Cards in January 2020 and agreed to move forward on our licensing negotiations.  They took samples of our Illuminotes and designs and sent them to their factory where they get their bamboo greeting cards produced.

Liquiterra Heart Illuminote.  We designed this one with a built in LED light.

For Valentines Day 2020, we developed this Illuminote with a built-in LED light.  This product design is what HeartSpace Cards uses for their light-up cards.

The first delay came in the form of Chinese New Year.  At the time that we met and agreed to move forward, the factories in China were closing down due to Chinese New Year (in which production ceases for several weeks or longer). 

Then the pandemic delayed the factories from reopening.  We had initially expected to see our first HeartSpace Illuminote in May 2020, but there were multiple delays due to the pandemic, staffing, supply chain issues, etc.

However, HeartSpace cards did receive an inspiring set of samples in August and placed an initial order.  For the last several months of 2020, we worked on negotiating the details of the licensing agreement.

HeartSpace Cards, light-up greeting cards, available on AmazonHeartSpace Cards, light-up cards with bamboo wood cut out.

Here are the first samples that came back from the factory for HeartSpace Cards.  I think the bamboo wood is a really attactive feature of these light-up greeting cards.

The HeartSpace versions of Illuminotes are now available for purchase on Amazon!  Both of these designs are ideal for Valentines Day, Anniversaries, or anytime you want to celebrate "love". Here is the link to the two birds design.  Here is the link to the Love design.

Our Liquiterra Illuminotes and the HeartSpace Cards Illuminotes each have their own attractive features.  By comparison, both light up and are enchanting.  They are both easy to assemble and they both make perfect gifts.

By contrast Liquiterra and HeartSpace offers unique products in their distinct versions of the light-up greeting card:

Liquiterra original Cottonwood Illuminote

Liquiterra Illuminotes:

  • Hand-made by Scott and Sydney in Arizona
  • Lovely hand-drawn designs
  • Each one is unique due to the variety of the hand-made paper
  • Baltic Birch wood
HeartSpace Cards, two doves Valentines Day light-up greeting card

HeartSpace Cards Light Up Greeting Card:

  • Easy to mail with built in LED light
  • Bamboo wood is very beautiful and durable
  • Lower price point
  • Very consistent product quality

Liquiterra Heart Illuminote, original light-up greeting cardHeartSpace Cards, Love light-up Greeting card with built-in LED light

On the left is Liquiterra's Valentine's Hearts Illuminote.  On the Right is HeartSpace Cards' "Love" Light-up Bamboo Greeting Card.

It is very exciting for us to be able to share this success with you!  Thank you.  Scott and I anticipate continuing with our goal of product development and licensing.  In fact, we have several designs in the works.

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