The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief

by Sydney Francis

Scott and I had a successful, joyful, and busy weekend at our new studio, next to Mother Road Brewery downtown on Mikes Pike.  Our Grand Opening on Friday, August 2nd was bustling with great feedback and art sales. On Saturday, we were busy doing a Make & Take that supports the Conservation Hero program, protecting and preserving Arizona wildlife, in partnership with Mother Road Brewing Co. and Arizona Game and Fish.

"Stay Inspired" at Liquiterra, Grand Opening

Guests at First Friday Art Walk, August 2nd

As you can imagine, we worked really hard to be ready for our Grand Opening.  Honestly, on Thursday morning before the Art Walk I was crying at the studio in tears about working so hard with so little evidence of success.

Although sales were good, which was confirmation of our work and our art, what really inspires me and keeps me going is when people come to me and say that we are inspiring them.  Several people came to the Art Walk or to a Saturday event and said that we are inspiring them by pursuing the work that we love. They have seen our 30 day challenge art posts and the opening of the studio and they are heartened to see that doing fulfilling and purpose driven work is possible.

Thank you so much for your positive comments, feedback and support!  It fulfills us deeply and means a lot.

Liquiterra Make and Take in support of Arizona Game and Fish

Saturday's Make & Take with Arizona Fish and Game

Believing and pursuing your dream is infectious and that is what I want to write about this week…

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

A goal is a dream with a deadline. -Napoleon Hill

At the end of the day, what Scott and I are pulling off with our art and our studio takes a healthy dose of belief, primarily self-belief.  I have had some dark days this year, where in a form of despair, I did not think going forward was possible or desirable. On these days I was grappling with my self-belief and inner demons about what I am capable of.

I am finding with Liquiterra and our goals that there are some key ingredients that help Scott and I succeed as artists and in business:

  • Belief (I would say this is the hardest one for me)
  • Persistence
  • Visualization and Imagination
  • Action


Liquiterra Open Studio, Now Open!

Here are three excellent resources I have used this year to help me build my belief and keep going with the dream:

Marie Forleo-- Earlier this year, I attended Marie Forleo’s B-school, a comprehensive business and marketing program for creative entrepreneurs .  She has a wonderful book coming out called Everything is Figureoutable, which if you pre-order it, you can enroll in a free 5 day coaching program.  Details at

Mike Dooley-- Another favorite of mine is Mike Dooley’s work of The Universe Talks and Thoughts become Things.  Mike Dooley has many different offerings to help you manifest the life of your dreams at

Napoleon Hill-- Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich.  This book is packed with insight and very valuable information on creating what you want in life.  It does not have to be wealth that you are after. I highly recommend his “Self-Confidence” formula.

nature relief ornament, Liquiterra's Make and Take

Nature Relief in Aluminum from Saturday's Make & Take
We believe!  We believe we will succeed at Liquiterra and with our visions and goals as artists.  We believe in you too! Please reach out to us for more information or for inspiration at   My phone number is at the top of our website at  We aim to inspire you to live the life of your dreams too!


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jini griffith

jini griffith

Nice post Sydney . Seems essential to search and find guidance in in life, especially in these times. I love Scott, don’t know you well, but so glad you are doing this together, encouraging and supporting each other.

Eve Passeltiner

Eve Passeltiner

I am so happy for you Sydney! Your community is so lucky to have you, your art, vision, vitality and commitment to making the world a more joyful place. You have always been a creative entrepreneur, giving & generous person, and inspirational artist. If you ever need a reminder, I’m on your team! Congratulations! Here’s to many more vibrant, successful events. Xo



Keep on going, Sydney! I am so happy for you. You inspire ME~!

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