The Sixth Element

The Sixth Element

Our show at the Rendezvous opens tomorrow night for the May Art Walk here in Flagstaff.  We have been working on a series of light boxes, using layers of wood, color and light. We are excited and inspired by the possibilities and new directions of this series.

In the Western world, visual art is often analyzed by its visual elements.  For painting and drawing, the visual elements are line, shape, color, value and texture.

Take for example, Portrait of a Pomegranate: the shape of the pomegranate and the leaves are bold and conspicuous, the colors are vibrant and obvious, and we have used engraved line to inscribe the shapes in the painting and to give it emphasis and texture.

pomegranate light box by Scott Moore and Sydney Francisportrait of a pomegranate, Scott Moore Sydney Francis














Compare Portrait of a Pomegranate with our new Pomegranate light box.  The light box utilizes the same image of the pomegranate, but we have cut it into 4 layers—a front leaf layer, the pomegranate layer, a second leaf layer and the blue background layer.  The layering effect of this work adds the element of space, making this painting more sculptural in nature.

In addition, we have added light which is also a visual element.  The light effect on this piece allows us to highlight certain elements, use shadow, and bring warmth to the piece.

"Flagstaff Alley", light box, by Sydney Francis and Scott MooreWe first conceived of this idea of using light and space with Flagstaff Alley.  We wanted to make a recognizable scene from Flagstaff using one point perspective and the layering of painted panels in a light box.  The Alley is an ideal subject create to the illusion of depth using one point perspective. We cut the image into 5 panels which we painted and assembled using about 1/4 inch between each panel. In addition, the use of the light coming from the sides of panels help this piece come to life.


Light has a lot of inspiring possibilities.  We were playing with a colored LED light set with our painting Hexology.  Check out how the color of the light changes the color of lines of the hexagons and the reflected light of the wood.  I think the violet light is the most surprising, turning the turquoise line into a cobalt blue colored line!

hexology with orange lighthexology with green LED lighthexology with red LED lighthexology with violet LED light

For our next series of work, we plan to continue with the light boxes, but experiment with light and shadow and the numerous possibilities of mixing colored light.  We also plan to play with how colored light reflects off of the surface of a painted panel.

Stay tuned...I will be writing future articles about light and LED light technology.


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