Too Busy for Art? Try 15 Minute Paintings

Too Busy for Art? Try 15 Minute Paintings

Happy New Year 2021!  Thank you so much for your support and for helping us pivot into new exciting directions in 2020.  Like you, 2020 brought us some unexpected challenges and changes, but we have made some major shifts and we continue to create!  We have some inspiring ideas for this next year that we are eager to design and bring to

The last month has been very busy with making our art gifts and fulfilling orders. In December, Scott and I came up with a quick way to stay inspired and revitalize our creativity.  We call these "15 minute paintings." 

A 15 minute painting is like a painting prompt, in which one has 15 minutes or less to paint.  For these examples, we are using acrylic ink on watercolor paper.  Scott and I like to give each other challenging parameters to keep our creativity fluid.  For each new painting, we usually set 3 parameters, such as a color, an object, and an emotion.  

Scott Moore, "Indigo, Dog Fur, Bouncy"

Above is Scott's "Indigo, Dog Fur, and Bouncy" 15 minute painting.  And below is Sydney's 
"Blue-violet, Dragon scales, and soft" painting.

Sydney Francis, "Blue-violet, Dragon scales, soft"

Here are some fun paintings using more recognizable objects:

Sydney Francis, "Flame Red, Scrub Oak, Confident"

Sydney's is above, "Flame Red, Scrub Oak, Confident".  Scott's is below, "Yellow, Prickly Pear Cactus, Exuberant."

Scott Moore, "Yellow, Prickly Pear Cactus, Exuberant"

I definitely encourage you to have fun with making these 15 minute paintings, if you choose to try this.  Having fun and enjoying the artistic process is the main goal of this activity.  In the next two, we chose to focus on "magical food".

Scott Moore, "Prussian Blue magical steak"

Above is Scott's "Prussian blue magical steak" and below is Sydney's "Indigo magical strawberries."

Sydney Francis, "Indigo magical strawberries"

We invite you to try this fun art activity.  Here are a few tips to maximize your experience:

  • Have fun!  This is the most important rule.
  • Don't overthink it (this painting exercise will help you break free of your perfectionism). 
  • Use whatever art media you have available (we used scrap watercolor paper from Illuminotes cut-outs).  
  • Work with a partner or a small group to pick one another's parameters.
  • Set a timer.  15 minutes goes by faster than you might think.
  • Stick to just a few parameters, such as 3.  Three parameters is enough to give you a framework to start from, but also give you the freedom to tap into your creative juices.

Warmest Winter Wishes to you and Happy New 2021!  Stay Inspired!!

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