Visual Feast

Visual Feast

by Sydney Francis

Many ideas and inspired thoughts come and go in the course of a day.  But some inspired thoughts stay with you and eventually birth into art.  I believe it is important to fill up with inspiration.  This could be in the form of going to art galleries and seeing other's work or going on a nature walk or doing the activities that bring you joy.

Scott and I are working on some new ideas and images for Liquiterra's 2021's collection of art gifts.  Here is a visual feast of the shapes, lines, colors and textures that move and inspire us:

Ocotillo plant, photo by Scott Moore

Was this plant designed by Dr. Seus? OcotilloOcotillo close up with its iconic shape

In October, we relocated our studio to Sedona.  The surrounding desert has such an enchanting variety of shapes, textures, and colors.  Above are different views of an Ocotillo.  The Ocotillo expresses very distictive lines and shapes.  I particularly like the detail view that shows the vibrant green texture against the gray stalk of the Ocotillo.  Scott likes the distinctive lines created by the angles and spines of the Ocotillo.

Oak leaf on burnt pine by Scott MooreFall Cottonwoods by our workshop, Liquiterra

Autumn leaves in luscious shapes and colors, Liquiterra

Here in Northern Arizona, we have had a very dry summer followed by equally dry Autumn.  Although we missed the rain, this season has had a gorgeous array of fall leaves.  "The Oak Leaf on Burnt Ponderosa Pine" is from Flagstaff. The other two pictues show the variety of trees by our new workshop. These images have a luscious array of color, shape, and texture.  I get so jazzed up by the red-orange berries set in contrast to the yellow and green leaves.  In addition, I'm really moved by the contrast in texture and shape exhibited by the oak leaf against burnt wood.

Manzanita by Scott Moore with yummy veinsFestive Manzanita by Liquiterra

Manzanita!! Wow. On the left, the contrast between that deep red and the gray trunk and branches simply inspires me. I see powerful vibrant life corsing through the veins of the Manzanita.  That red is just so juicy!  

On the right, you see more of the Manzanita leaves, which have a very cheerful shape and color.  The overall shapes of the Manzanita remind me of a dancer, moving so elegantly.

Full Moon rising over the mesa, Sedona, by Scott MooreNew Sedona inspired design.  Layered laser cut wood.

A few weeks ago, we saw the almost full Moon rise over the red mesa.  We got inspired to make a full moon desert scene with the red rock shapes of Sedona set in contrast to the captivating desert flora.  We had a few setbacks with the production of this new series. The finished products, however, are coming soon to Liquiterra

Thank you partaking in this visual feast with us!  We hope it inspires you too.

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