Working on New Product Designs

Working on New Product Designs

Liquiterra's owners are the artists and designers-- Scott Moore and Sydney Francis.  First and foremost they are fine artists, innovating a technique of painting acrylic ink on wood and then hand engraving the wood to showcase the textures.  But they are also designers, taking their fine art pieces and turning them into high quality, attractive, functional products.

Scott Moore says, "I love the evolution of taking an idea and turning it into a fine art piece and then taking the fine art piece and turning it into a printable and functional product.  We sell our fine art originals, but we also have the freedom to make this art accessible to everyone!"

Liquiterra's other owner, Sydney Francis, adds, "I have been an artist for over 20 years.  When I started showing my paintings and drawings in the '90's the internet had no functionality.  The search engines were limited.  There was no image or video capacity.  It is truly amazing what we can produce and show today on at Liquiterra. The tools and capabilities we have access to allow us to create and design almost anything we can think of."


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