Liquiterra is a synergistic collaboration between artists, Scott Moore and Sydney Francis.  We each bring our unique creative talents and skills to Liquiterra.  Scott is an artist and woodworker and specializes in the hand-engraving.  Sydney is a painter and art teacher and brings her color sense into the fine art works.  Our goal is to create high-quality, luscious, one-of-kind fine art, using acrylic ink on wood.

We really enjoy making art!  One of our values at Liquiterra is to enjoy the process.  We believe that if "you aren't having fun, you are doing it wrong."  You may witness this in our diversity of art pieces and products.  We enjoy innovation and experimentation, so we have an eclectic array of art that reflects our diverse interests and diverse artistic skills.

To have a clearer insight into Liquiterra and what we do, let's go step by step through the process of creating a fine art original.

Step 1: We have an inspiration for an art piece

inspiration for pomegranate by Liquiterra

Step 2: We draw out the design    

drawing for century plant, coming soon, by Sydney Francis
Step 3: We transfer the design to the wood panel
process for Peacock layout by Scott Moore
Step 4: We cut the design out using a sharp box knife
preparing for painting Hexology by Scott Moore
Step 5: We paint the layers 
painting Aspens by Sydney Francis
Step 6: We engrave the panting
Engraving the Portrait of a Pomegranate by Scott Moore, Liquiterra original
Step 7: We put the finishing touches on the painting
Handmade frame of the pomegranate by Liquiterra
Step 8: We use our fine art pieces to inspire luscious products
Liquiterra's Tranquility Tote