Scott Moore and Sydney Francis of Liquiterra
Scott Moore and I (Sydney Francis) started making art together in 2017.  It was early on in our dating and we shared a common passion for making art.
In March of 2018, we worked on a large painting that we painted together.  I had taken this large panoramic photograph on McMillan Mesa of Winter Sunset.  We decided to paint an 8 ft x 1 ft version of the photo by painting at the same time.  
We realized in doing this painting together that we were fairly compatible in our vision and our styles and that the resulting art expressed a synergy between us.  Shortly thereafter, we were offered an art show at a local cafe.  We worked together for months on weekends and Thursdays to get enough art together for this show.
drawing for century plant, coming soon, by Sydney Francis
Sydney drawing the preliminary design for Liquiterra's "Century Plant".
Scott is an artist, woodworker, designer and CAD specialist.  He does our computer design, prototyping and innovating of our product designs.  I am a painter, designer, and art teacher and I bring my color, composition, and pattern sense into the design of our art pieces. For example, I hand draw the Illumi-note designs and determine the color palettes and design combinations.

preparing for painting Hexology by Scott Moore
Scott hand engraving an early hexagon design.
In August of 2018 the concept of Liquiterra was born.  We decided to go into business making reproducible, but hand-made art pieces. 
Our goal is to create high-quality, delightful, unique and affordable art using laser cut wood, acrylic ink, LED's and hand-made paper.  We aspire to design attractive, yet innovative, art pieces with a one-of-a-kind appeal.   We feel our Illumi-notes collection and our Holiday ornaments strike that balance, because each final piece is unique.
All of our products are hand-made at our studio in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Scott Moore, "fire the laser", at Liquiterra Studio
Scott at the laser cutter at Liquiterra Studio in Arizona.