Portrait of a Pomegranate Fine Art Prints

  • Portrait of a Pomegranate Fine Art Prints

Portrait of a Pomegranate Fine Art Prints


Home in the high desert...

The end of summer smells like the sweetness of pomegranates ripening on the bough, like dried crackling leaves under foot, and like warm summer nights cooling slowly at the edges.

The pomegranate in this painting is a representation of the feeling of home. The actual pomegranate in the painting came from Scott's parent's home. We watched this delightful pomegranate grow throughout the spring and summer, changing from yellow-green to shades of hot pink (until we ate it)!  These pomegranates are so sweet, succulent and alluring.  Is there anything better than picking a ripe pomegranate from the garden at the end of summer and enjoying is heavenly juice?!

Portrait of a Pomegranate is Liquiterra's visual love note to memories of home and this enticing, fertile fruit.

Liquiterra's original, Portrait of a Pomegranate, is so large (measuring 76" x 46") that we only offer our signed & numbered limited edition prints in un-stretched an unframed formats (in order to accommodate shipping).  Portrait of a Pomegranate Fine Art Giclee prints are gallery quality-- printed on canvas with UV resistant archival ink, printed by Tom Alexander Photography.

Portrait of a Pomegranate has been hailed as "palace quality artwork."

Return Policy: All of our Fine Art Prints come with a 30 day return policy.